King-Vaughan Conservative Candidate criticizes feds on slow vaccine delivery

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The Weekly Sentinel - By Mark Pavilons, Editor

(Thursday, March 4, 2021 | Volume 48, Issue 9)

King-Vaughan’s federal PC candidate is calling on the federal government to speed up delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Canada is now well behind the entire industrialized world in getting vaccines to their population,” said Anna Roberts. “A country of limitless potential and incredible innovation, and yet, our Prime Minister bungled this.”

She called it a “missed opportunity” to allow our country to begin an economic recovery and more importantly to safeguard the most vulnerable among us like seniors.

“Prime Minister Trudeau has two key jobs right now: protect our borders and get vaccines. On both fronts he has failed. We see tens of thousands of international passengers enter Pearson International Airport every week, and up until a few weeks ago we did not have mandatory testing upon arrival. It was the province who had step up in order to fill this gap.

“We don’t have any approved vaccines from Canadian manufacturers. The Liberals didn’t even return the calls of fully prepared Canadian vaccine makers who indicated to them that they had the capacity to produce large quantities of vaccines per day. These companies repeatedly called on the federal government for more support but received crickets in response. The Liberals have also failed to get the rights to make the approved vaccine candidates here at home, leaving us reliant on others.”

Roberts questioned why Ottawa has fallen behind other countries. She said a clear lack of a planning ahead has led to Canada now being moved down to 50th place in the world for vaccines administered.

“We expect better from our government during a crisis. We expect our local Member of Parliament Deb Schulte, who is also the Minister for Seniors, to do her job and fight for vaccines for King-Vaughan; not defend the indefensible.”

Roberts said instead of “principled leadership,” Canadians have received “underwhelming vaccine procurement and open, porous, and highly irresponsible border ‘controls."

Robert said taxpayers have followed the rules during the pandemic and yet “our Prime Minister and his federal Liberal government seem rather pleased with their performance; while the rest of us face further lockdowns and isolation because our government can’t get their act together.

“Peoples lives are on the line. It’s time to step up for our most vulnerable and all of the families who are in dire situations due to ongoing pandemic mismanagement and failures under the current federal government.”

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