About our Candidate

Anna Roberts has spent the majority of her adult life-giving back to the community and helping to affect change in a positive way. She is a volunteer, youth mentor, and a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother. Anna is proud and humbled to be representing the Conservative Party of Canada in the riding of King-Vaughan in the 2019 Federal election.

Anna has over 30 years’ experience in the banking and financial industry and brings to her candidacy decades of experience with fiscal responsibility and accountability. She was awarded Branch Manager of the Year for her exceptional performance as a bank Branch Manager.  

With over 30 years of volunteering experience, Anna has numerous awards and recognitions including the Ontario Provincial Volunteer Award, and has been recognized by Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital, the Salvation Army, and many other organizations. For over a decade Anna has been a volunteer at the King City Lodge Senior’s Residence and serves on the King Township Accessibility Committee.

Anna works and lives in Kettleby, in the Township of King, and will be a strong and dedicated representative for her community and constituents.