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The federal King-Vaughan Conservative Electoral District Association was officially incorporated in 2004.  The Association is represented by a 20-member volunteer Board of Directors which has responsibility for promoting the principles of the Conservative Party of Canada, providing organizational and financial support to the local candidate and raising money to assist with these endeavours. We also have responsibility for recruiting new members and encouraging young people to become actively involved with the Conservative Party of Canada.

The members of the King-Vaughan Conservative Electoral District Association range from students to seniors. Our role is to represent the Conservative Party of Canada at the grassroots level. As Conservatives we have the responsibility to select the candidate who will represent our party and carry the Tory banner in the King-Vaughan riding. As volunteers we contribute our time to create awareness of the federal Conservative party at the local level and help maintain the profile of our candidate in the community.

Conservatives stand for a strong Canada, effective leadership, fiscal responsibility, a safe environment and secure and healthy communities. We are also committed to job creation, economic growth, helping manufacturing, farming and the fishing industry along with protecting forests and other natural resources, and keeping taxes low. Conservatives recognize that seniors have been instrumental in building our country and we want to ensure they continue to live comfortably in retirement. There is also a focus on students to provide the best education opportunities to allow them to prosper through life and contribute to the growth of Canada.

Our motto … ‘Working to better our community.‘

The King-Vaughan Conservative Electoral District Association hopes you will consider becoming part of our team and work with us to not only better our community, but to guarantee the strength and vitality of our country. After this fall 2019 Election, Conservatives remain the Official Opposition to a Liberal minority government. King-Vaughan, again went to the Liberals. This is not the outcome we wanted.

Help us rebuild locally and federally for the next election! With a minority situation, that could come at any time.

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Anna Roberts,

Anna Roberts


"Working to better our community."